Bin Buddy Bin Freshening Orange & Lemon Grass Spray, 500ml,


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About This Item
  • KEEP BINS FRESH AND CLEAN — stop and smell the roses, not the contents of your bin! Bin Buddy bin cleaning spray can help remove those nasty smells and germs from your bin, leaving a pleasant citrusy fragrance behind
  • CLEANS INSIDE AND OUT — a weekly spray of your bin with our bin cleaner is the ideal way to eliminate odours and ensure your bin is as hygienic as it can be! Suitable for the outside and inside of your bins
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE — simply spray Bin Buddy onto the surfaces of your bin and leave for 20 seconds; wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel – excellent for removing food spills around the lid and surrounding areas
  • LEAVES BINS SMELLING GREAT — Bin Buddy keeps bins fresh and clean for days – when used as required, it helps reduce the frequency of use of bin bags and the number of trips to the curb to dispatch your rubbish


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