Am-tech 4 Inch Wallpaper Scraper & 5 Blades


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About This Item
  • Ideal Product: The Amtech G0960B wallpaper scraper is an ideal tool for stripping and removing wallpaper, as well as, paint and varnish. You can also use this product for scraping loose paint and adhesive residue.
  • Long Handle: This 4-inch deluxe scraper has a long comfortable handle to maximise usage.
  • Blade Storage: This scraper tool is also supplied with 5 additional blades, which can simply be safely stored within the handle.
  • Angled Head: For quicker and effective usage, this wallpaper and paint scraper tool has an angled head for ease of use.
  • Metal Body: This wall scraper has a metallic body and rubber grip, for faster and easier scraping.


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